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Cytotouch (Pty) Ltd
specialises in providing e-2-e turnkey solutions in Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Telecommunications, Engineering and Facilities.

Cytotouch (Pty) Ltd success lies directly in our people and culture. In a world where client service is often an after-thought, the professionals at Cytotouch (Pty) Ltd consider it their utmost priority. We take great pride in developing strong relationships with clients and investing the time necessary to understand their issues, concerns and needs.

At Cytotouch (Pty) Ltd, we believe in a forward-thinking approach that encourages flexibility according to the needs of one’s organisation. By no means does uniformity shadow the continuous critical thinking of our key professionals


We satisfy client needs with solutions that are unique, adhere to the latest technology trends, and add value to the client’s existing strategic business processes. We innovate to offer customised solutions to businesses that are based on their specific requirements. This allows us to meet even the most challenging client requirements confidently and in a manner that assures success.

Information Technology Services

Cytotouch (Pty) Ltd highly skilled information technology experts deliver end-to-end technology solutions that help to drive transformation and streamline business operations for our clients to achieve their business goals. With business strategies inextricably linked to technology, modern organisations are rethinking how they envision and deliver technology solutions: transforming IT departments into engines driving business growth, with responsibilities that span back-office systems, operations, and even product offerings.


Understanding and controlling communications

costs has become a key concern for business executives. Our solution architects, engineers and technicians offer world-class strategic advice to our client.

  • Technology Consulting
  • Radio Network Design & Optimisation Consulting
  • Site Surveys
  • Radio Network Benchmarking


Engineering services

Cytotouch (Pty) Ltd offers end-to-end engineering services that are complemented by a mix of allied services to meet client’s needs. We propose the best engineering services and solutions for our customers to accomplish their project.

Our experts are skilled at leading and executing highly successful, multidisciplinary engineering projects. Our engineering and design services range from planning and permitting through preliminary and detailed design to start-up and commissioning.


Facilities Management

Our services are tailor-made to suit the client’s needs and by bundling services we are able to reduce overheads and allocate resources more efficiently and effectively. Facilities Management involves the successful and profitable operation, management and monitoring of buildings and infrastructure. Our services include handling all aspects of administration and operations at your organization so you have peace of mind.